Preston Jarvis

I am always keeping it to a level that everyone can enjoy, looking to show their is a way to laugh and be serious. That's what drives me, my reason to play is to make people happy, but also feel.

Music by Preston

Music is my passion. I feel like when you play a song something magical happens for that 3 to 6 minutes. Here are some of the songs I've written. Thanks for your support!

Preston Jarvis - 'My Turn'

Preston Jarvis - 'Sofa'

Preston Jarvis - 'Penny'

Preston Jarvis - 'F U Sometimes'


Preston Jarvis currently resides in Bangor, Maine. He spends his time enjoying life and making goodbuddies.

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If you would like to collaborate, book me, or even just come to GoodBuddie Night on Tuesday contact me with the links below!

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